Sunday, August 24

Could This Be the End of an Era?

So this morning I was discussing our "get-ready-so-we-can-go-to-church" schedule with the Mister. As I'm down with a sinus infection, I thought a nice steaming hot bath sounded fabulous, so I could relax and steam out my head at the same time. So I mentioned that I thought I might take a B-A-T-H and that since I'd just given Peanut one a couple of days before that I didn't think she needed to get in with me.

This was all fine and dandy until I'm standing at the foot of the stairs and said "Hey, Mister, I'm going to go take my B-A-T-H now..." and from the kitchen I hear a delighted yell "BAFFF!" and in comes Peanut, racing to the bottom of the stairs rapidly signing bath over and over...

Of course she got in with me for a little after that. But seriously. All I did was spell it!! Mister's theory is that she's associated the sound of "B-A-T-H" with the delightful experience that goes with it. My theory is that we have an extraordinarily precocious twenty-one month old.