Monday, March 24

How Fast They Are

So we returned yesterday from visiting Mister's family for Easter, and I slept as much of the three hour car-ride as Peanut would let me, and then as soon as we got home, I fell asleep. So basically I rested from 4 yesterday afternoon to 7 this morning when I had to get up. I have that nasty headache / sore throat / achey virus that comes and goes and lasts for weeks.

So today my reflexes were a little slow when it came to watching Peanut. She had really enjoyed carrying around her Easter basket today. Usually it was empty, but sometimes it would have a binky or a mini Snickers bar in it. I didn't think anything of her carrying around the Snickers, because it's just the right size to fit in her hand and it crinkles, so she loves it, but oops...

I found her laying on the floor sucking on it a little while ago. Not a good thing. That usually indicates that the packaging has been breached and the contents are escaping into her tummy! Thankfully, she has no peanut issues, but she does have dairy issues, and there's caramel and milk chocolate in that... So I hastily remove the Snickers and go to get her Bendaryl... and I come back to find that she reached onto the dining room table, pulled off the box of Annie's bunnies, opened it, and dumped it all onto the floor.

Gotta love it....

Monday, March 17

Woo Hoo!

The other day I saw a robin. I didn't let myself get too excited, though.

Yesterday, I checked my tulips. Nope, nothing. Ah well. (I planted a few hundred tulip bulbs last fall...)

Today, they're an inch tall. Seriously. YEAHHHHHHH!

Wednesday, March 12

how is this possible?

Every once in a while, I will be doing something else, and then catch a glimpse of Peanut. And I just stop what I'm doing and stare at her. Who is this little person that's been entrusted to me? What a gift!

Today, she was wandering around in her sleeper pj's, clutching a small teddy bear by the paw, and with her adorably messy bed head (she barely has enough hair to count, but it sure can get messed up in the mornings!)... and I was just overwhelmed with love for her.

It's a good day here at our house. No matter what happens, I've got her.

Monday, March 10

just stuff

I had a niece born on Thursday, and I was able to hold her when she was about nine hours old. BEAUTIFUL! What a fabulous experience. There's nothing quite like a tiny baby that's all pruny from nine months in the water! She smelled so sweet and her skin was like silk. Mmm. I would LOVE another baby in our house.

Speaking of my toddler (whose diaper is emitting some nasty fumes at the moment - so this will be a brief post)... she just asked me to open the cabinet where I keep canned goods. I did so, because she likes to take them all out and put them back. Today, though, she had a mission. She pulled all the stuff out to get to the bags of lentils that were in the back. She grabbed a bag in each hand (and at a pound each, that's impressive) and brought them to me. After putting one in each of my hands, she grabbed my hands, looked me in the face, then let go of my hands so that she could eagerly sign please.

Guess what we're having for dinner! Lentils with ground turkey and onions, some crusty rolls and a green salad. Mmm.

Uh oh. She just brought me the prunes. I gave her a tiny bite and she made her "icky" face. Guess we need to keep working on that one!

All right, must go put another diaper on this child. BumGenius, Mommy's Touch or Happy Heiny? We'll have to wait and see!

Monday, March 3

swap update

So my project for Leo for the Baby a Baby Swap has been put on hold for a bit while I do some computer freelancing and also catchup on my backlog of ring slings that needed to be made... but today in the mail I received something I found on etsy for him... I think it's great, and it's something I think that he'll really enjoy. I know when I unpacked it, Peanut got these huge eyes and was so excited... she loved it, but after a couple of minutes of her enjoying it, I rescued it so that we can send it on in pristine condition!

Peanut also decided that today was "Pants On Our Head Day." She has never expressed clothing desires before, so POOHD is a whole new story... Welcome to the realm of a toddler expressing her will! Here's a picture of her reading her favorite book... with pants on her head. And yes, her tshirt has candy canes on it. So? You gotta problem with that?