Thursday, June 5

has it been a month?

I know it's been a crazy one, but still. A month? Sorry!

So we sold our house, after 14 showings in 8 days... and two days later, our realtors showed us a house that wasn't on the market, which we promptly snapped up. :) We move in just over three weeks, which is a little scary, especially as the next week for me is going to be wrapped up in writing a talk I need to deliver twice at a conference next weekend. And the lovely Cellular Lola is coming to stay for a while next week - woohoo!

Peanut has been wonderful, she's such a toddler. We thought for a little while there that we might have been past the whole dairy thing, but we're not. Which is fine, it was just exciting there for a little while.

Most summers, I typically like to live in the basement with the air conditioning on - I don't like the heat or humidity. Ick! But I have a feeling that with a toddler, I'm going to be so tanned this summer... I already have a little sunburn and a little tan going on... She loves her blow up pool that we have on the deck. I don't know if it's the sunscreen or the water that's the attraction - I think it's 50/50 for her!

We enjoyed the Pioneer Woman's Crash Hot Potatoes the other day. I think I have single-handedly introduced 200 people to the recipe so far. Whoa they're good!

Go check out this post over at Rocks in My Dryer. I tell you - it's worth it!

I've become rather attached to Guitar Hero for the Wii lately. Serious fun. We've had it for a week, and I think it's hampering my packing abilities. That thing sucks up so much of my free time... :)