Monday, April 7

A Tendency of Mine

I have a tendency to not complete projects. These could be crocheting projects, computer projects, etc., because I enjoy working on them so much. There's also a great big part of me that doesn't like to see them leave.

For example, when I sent the Baby a Baby package away to Leo (and Tonya), I knew I'd never see that creation again. I had a (brief) sense of loss attached to it, even though I knew that a handsome young man would enjoy it soon.

I just finished a giant computer project I've been tearing my hair out about for the last two months. It's done. It's off my desk. (I freelance a bit for the Catholic Diocese...) But while I should be feeling a sense of accomplishment and be turning my attention to our next big project (prepping our house to put it on the market), I am disappointed.

I won't get to fiddle with that darn Microsoft Access anymore. I won't learn Access' amazing capabilities. I won't have the chance to figure out how to do the really cool things I know it was capable of, but I had to do chintzy work-arounds because I didn't know Visual Basic... (That was rotten English, but I bet you know what I mean!)

Farewell, sweet database, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest...

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