Monday, March 24

How Fast They Are

So we returned yesterday from visiting Mister's family for Easter, and I slept as much of the three hour car-ride as Peanut would let me, and then as soon as we got home, I fell asleep. So basically I rested from 4 yesterday afternoon to 7 this morning when I had to get up. I have that nasty headache / sore throat / achey virus that comes and goes and lasts for weeks.

So today my reflexes were a little slow when it came to watching Peanut. She had really enjoyed carrying around her Easter basket today. Usually it was empty, but sometimes it would have a binky or a mini Snickers bar in it. I didn't think anything of her carrying around the Snickers, because it's just the right size to fit in her hand and it crinkles, so she loves it, but oops...

I found her laying on the floor sucking on it a little while ago. Not a good thing. That usually indicates that the packaging has been breached and the contents are escaping into her tummy! Thankfully, she has no peanut issues, but she does have dairy issues, and there's caramel and milk chocolate in that... So I hastily remove the Snickers and go to get her Bendaryl... and I come back to find that she reached onto the dining room table, pulled off the box of Annie's bunnies, opened it, and dumped it all onto the floor.

Gotta love it....

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