Tuesday, April 8

Matt Maher


I'm not one to send you to other places. (Why should I? You enjoy me so much that I'm all you need, right?) If part of the criteria for a contest is that I would need to link back to the contest, I don't enter. I found that when I entered that kind of contest, my posts were littered with all these, and my content seriously decreased.

But I am making a serious exception. Matt Maher is worth it. I have had a serious music-crush on him for the last five years or so. (SWWOOOOON!) He's got this genuine, lyrical, subtleness to his music that I find so appealing. Mister makes fun of me all the time for it. Really. I even went out to Arizona to see him perform once. Does that make me a groupie? Oh well. I am. If you've never heard him, now's your chance - he's got a new cd out that I haven't heard yet, but am dancing in my desk chair about!

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