Tuesday, April 8

Spring Cleaning

So as I mentioned in passing in an earlier post, we're debating about selling our house this summer. We don't need a larger house at the moment, but if we want to have a handful of more kids like we're planning, we'll need one eventually. We only have one toddler and I'm not pregnant. That sounds like it would be a lot easier to move now than it would be in future years!

The area where we live is really quite stable, financially. We haven't had the crazy housing-price-fluctuations that other areas have seen. And while we wouldn't make any profit off of our current house, we'd be able to snap up a bargain on the houses we've been looking at.

Of course, we've been acting very rationally about this until this weekend. When we went to an open house. Of a GORGEOUS house. One that we could just really be excited about living in. I walked out of there saying "If we lived there, I would feel so adult." In a good way, not in an "I'm an old fogey way." I would feel like we'd be squarely in the middle of living life as a family. This was a house for kids... and it had the perfect little craft room in the basement that was just calling out for me to come be creative in it! There was a theater playroom next door that would exactly fit Mister's requirements. So now we're all in a tizzy, crunching numbers, deciding how quickly we could get this house ready to put on the market.

So I cleaned all my windows today.

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