Friday, October 12

oh this is more than a little embarrassing

has it REALLY been almost a month since I've posted last? sheesh. all those wonderful moments where i thought to myself "self, this would make a great post on the blog!"... none of those got posted?

so you don't even know that Peanut is on the verge of walking... she can stand for a (comparatively) long time, and she gets the sweetest look of extreme concentration after a while before finally letting out a little sigh and sinking slowly down. it's absolutely adorable. she can also clap, point, say "mamamamama... mam... mama...." while clutching my leg. that usually happens when i'm in the kitchen, which means that in order to get from the stove to the sink, it takes a couple of minutes while we walk veerrrry slowly together.

and the weather is suddenly freezing. literally. i need to go bring my ficus in from the deck.

i got to see my very best real-life-childhood-friend a couple of weeks ago. that was way too much fun. we met up at my parents' house for her 10 year highschool reunion, which was enough of an excuse for me, Mister and Peanut to go up there - as well as my little brother, his wife, her belly-baby and their two kids. let's just say that this summed up her reunion:

Plane Ticket to Wisconsin: $250
Haircut, new shoes, etc: $100
Finding out your prom date is now a woman: Priceless.

Seriously. How traumatic would that be? But we got a lot of belly laughs out of hearing her stories about her old classmates.

We got a van! Too fun...

Uh oh. I finally sit down to post and Peanut wakes up. Gotta go!!