Sunday, June 3

I'm in food heaven right now...

Can I just say that I'm in a food-induced state of bliss?

We picked 12 pounds of strawberries yesterday (it looked like a dauntingly big pile in my container, but is rather a small little stack of frozen baggies in my freezer), and I'm enjoying some of those over this fake ice cream and some pound cake.

Have you tried this stuff yet? PHEN-omenal. Seriously. And for less calories than my normal yogurt. With live and active cultures. It's the best frozen yogurt I've ever had. You know how most frozen yogurt has that weird tangyness to it? This DOESN'T! I had Mister pick up some vanilla yesterday to go with our berries because although I'm a chocolate lover, chocolate frozen yogurt is usually rather gross. Now I'm dying to try the chocolate... or the chocolate fudge brownie... mmm....

This post is brought to you by my state of nirvana, and has in no way been compensated by Edy's. Although I wouldn't mind if they did.

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