Sunday, June 3


Menu Plan for Week of June 4:
breakfast - fried eggs, berries and melon and bacon for the Mister
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - Grilled chicken marinated in a little white wine and fresh herbs - we're having friends over, and they're bringing the salad and dessert. Maybe I'll make some rolls. Mmm.

breakfast - salsa eggs, bacon and fruit
lunch - leftovers
dinner - Fish tacos

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - Kabobs and a big green salad. Leftover rolls?

breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon and fruit
lunch - sandwiches / leftovers
dinner - Fajitas and salad

breakfast - poached eggs on toast, bacon and fruit
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - Mister's parents will be here. I'll need to plan these next few meals separately.

breakfast - The lovely in-laws will be here...
lunch - In-laws
dinner - They'll have left, but I think we'll have people over / or I'll ask Mister to take me out

breakfast - omelets
lunch - Grilled Turkey Breast, grilled sweet potatoes (never tried these, but they looked really good), a fresh batch of rolls
dinner - cheese & crackers, fruit, popcorn