Tuesday, May 29

Menu Plan Monday / Tuesday

Hi! We were on vacation this weekend, so this menu plan is a day late. You know how last week was a "clean out the fridge / pantry" week? I made it without going to the grocery store, even for the 3 staples that I'd said I could! We used paper towels for the coffee filters, and made it without bananas and yogurt...

But today, it's imperative that I go to the store. We're out of bacon, coffee creamer, the three above-mentioned necessities, body wash, deodorant, etc. It's definitely time to shop!! So as soon as Peanut's recovered from her super-hyper weekend (she's sound asleep right now), we'll head off. Until then, I can plan my menu...

Menu Plan for Week of May 28:
breakfast - eggs and croissants - with Mister's brother
lunch - lasagna, salad and Godiva - with Mister's siblings, etc.
dinner - chinese (It was frozen. It was easy.)

breakfast - pineapple pancakes, the last of the bacon
lunch - leftovers for Mister, ?? for me
dinner - Popcorn Chicken, dipping sauces, whatever fresh veggies look good @ the store

breakfast - scrambled eggs
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - French Dip Paninis, green salad

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - sandwiches for Mister, lunch for me with friend
dinner - Foil Pack Taco Chicken Dinner (okay, okay, everybody seems to use this one, so I need to see what all the fuss is about!)

breakfast - poached eggs on toast, bacon and fruit
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - Ginger Glazed Salmon, rice, broccoli

breakfast - cold cereal for me, frozen pancakes for Mister
lunch - we'll be doing tons of house / yard work, so we'll probably pick up something
dinner - not planning on cooking. I'll be tired. Pizza?

breakfast - omelets
lunch - grill out? We might stop by butchers on way home from church.
dinner - cheese & crackers, fruit, popcorn