Tuesday, May 29

A Day in the Life of a Mama

Gosh. Life has just been crazy lately. And when I say crazy, I mean!

I've started a new job which is supposed to see me putting in 10-20 hours a week, but I'm struggling to get that in. It involves a lot of computer time, so after our exhausting but fulfilling yard sale a week ago, we took the money we earned and bought a fabulous used laptop, so now I at least feel cool while I'm working.

The biggest thing in our life right now is Peanut sitting up. It's so cute - she is still a little wobblybutt, though, but she thinks it's funny if she falls over. We were at Mister's parents house this last weekend, so she's a little fried from all the attention and lack of sleep... The in-laws actually weren't there - they left Saturday morning for a Hawaiian cruise, and we showed up a few hours later. While we missed seeing them, it gave us the freedom to spend time with other people, have relaxing evenings, etc... so it worked out very well. We spent all day Saturday in downtown Chicago, and had a special dinner at Roy's, which is a Hawaiian chain that we went to in Maui (on our honeymoon) and finally made it to for our anniversary dinner. (Along with our baby and brother-in-law, the priest that married us!)

Other than that, life is calm. Oh wait... NOPE! We've been having fun working on our house and yard, but suddenly there's a reason to do it. We're not sure yet, but we might be scrambling to get our house ready for the market, and moving this summer. It's a little crazy, not knowing yet, but there's a house that I have been in love with for a year. It's been on the market that long, and we started calling it "my house" last summer. I'd drive by it every couple of months to make sure it was still for sale, but there was no reason to consider buying it. Now, the price has dropped and it's been relisted with a realtor who will buy the house from the seller 3 months after it's listed - for a seriously reduced price. So if we can sneak in a low bid, but just higher than the realtor's price, right at the end of those 3 months, we may end up with my dream house.

It's HUGE. More than twice the square footage of our current house, with a 1/3 acre lot, a block away from a gorgeous park, in a quiet and established neighborhood. It needs a lot - a LOT - of cosmetic updates, but we don't think it needs too many real updates other than some wiring and a new front stoop. It's just beautiful on the outside, and the floor plan is to die for. But there's a lot of work. We'll see what happens, but my heart starts racing at the thought of actually getting to live in this house...

It looks like a house that Cary Grant or Greer Garson would have lived in. It's fabulous.

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