Wednesday, April 25

wfmw - breakfasts

We love breakfasts in our house. Bacon, coffee (decaf for me!), juice, eggs, pancakes, muffins, french toast, etc...

But in the mornings, if we have pancakes or french toast, that's a lot of sugar to be starting our day with. We like syrup, and sometimes there might even be chocolate chips in our pancakes... and for whatever reason, if there's chocolate, Mister likes a little whipped cream on there for good measure. But talk about getting your blood sugar all goofy!

I don't have time, though, to make pancakes AND eggs to balance out the breakfast. So I make big batches of pancakes or french toast, and freeze them. That way, I can scramble up a couple of eggs and microwave some frozen french toast, and voila, a fabulous balanced breakfast.

When do I do this? That's the tip for the week... One of our local grocery stores does a (about) monthly special where their loaves of french bread are two for a dollar. I buy a ton of loaves, and have the bakery slice it for me. Thin slices (normal sandwich slices or just thicker are great) are key, since those microwave more evenly and a heck of a lot faster than the thick chunky slices I cut if I'm making it to be eaten fresh. Make sure you buy a lot of eggs, since the thinner slices really do use up eggs at a remarkable rate. Add a splash of vanilla, a good healthy dose of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg, and you have a winner. I assembly line them, stacking them on cooling racks, then when they're fully cooled, I put them in ziplocs, and into the freezer they go. If you do have nice thin slices, they really only take 20-30 seconds for a plateful to go from frozen to steaming.

That works for me!