Tuesday, April 24

AI - top 6

You know the drill... click on the idol talk button to take you to BooMama to read LOTS of people's thoughts on this week's Idol, but here's what Mister and I thought:

Chris - “Change The World” - Not bad. Did anyone else notice that he was deliberately trying NOT to be nasally? We thought that was hysterical, and thought it was very nice of Simon not to comment on it. It was good. Not great, but good.

Melinda - “There Will Come A Day” - Great. What a song, and she saaaaaang it.

Blake - “Imagine” - I do NOT like this song. It's a little too anti-religion for my taste, but it does have such a cool sound. The last few weeks, though, Blake has sung so straight. What happened to the FUNK? We like the funk. Bring back the funk.

LaKisha - “I Believe” - I thought she was good. She made me look up from what I was doing, but she just seems a little one dimensional. Everything's a variation of a former LaKisha hit. Don't think she compares to the other powerhouses...

Phil - “Change” - Getting better and better!! We spent a lot of time voting for him tonight. It's not just that he's a dead ringer for one of our groomsmen, but really - he was darn good tonight.

Jordin Sparks - “You’ll Never Walk Alone” - When Ryan announced what song she'd be singing, my heart melted. I love this song. Girl kicked some serious booty tonight. I was crying. (Take a moment here and appreciate my dorkiness. Crying along with the TV... yikes.) She's been my favorite for weeks now, and I just can't wait to buy me a Jordin cd. That song had better be on it, because it was amazing. Simon was right - she took a 60 year old song and made it sound like it had been written for her. What a way to end the evening. Did I tell you we had this on tape 'cause I couldn't be home for it and we're too cheap to have TiVo? That's right. I'm going to have this tape worn out from hearing this song a lot tomorrow... :o)

Who will go? - LaKisha.

Best of the night? - Jordin. NDAI. (no doubt about it)

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