Thursday, April 26

what i've been up to this morning...

so i've recently become addicted to the site, and they have a great "for sale or trade" forum. i'm participating in my first trade, and wanted to show you what i made!

in exchange for a beautiful silky cart cover that looks like this:

i made a ring sling that looks like this:

and because it took a little too long, i made this rather primitive looking teddy (but Peanut loved it, so i'm hoping that her baby likes it, too!):
Mister doesn't really see how sewing / crafts can be so much fun... although whenever he goes out with the chainsaw, i don't get it either. i had a ball today doing these... and as soon as Peanut wakes up from her nap, i get to go send them off in the mail! i think it's kinda cool that someone halfway across the country, whom i've never met, will be using / wearing something i made for her. this is a first for me, can you tell?