Tuesday, April 24

tackle it tuesday - writing project

I am officially a WAHM, even though i don't do that much work. I write children's catechetical lessons for a website called 4marks.com. I have a MA in Theology (Catholic) with a concentration in Catechetics, or the teaching of the faith. This means that I should pump out catechetical lessons at the speed of light, right? Or at least the speed of sound?

Yeah, right! My sister-in-law writes lessons for them, too, and she can write a whole week's worth in just over an hour. I spend 30-40 hours on a lesson. You think I'm joking. I am so anal OCD that I agonize over every little bit, but most of my time is spent making them look pretty and honing my template that I use to write them.

Now 4marks just gave all of us writers a template to use, so you'd think it would have speeded me up. Nope. Now I have a serious deadline to meet today (I'm late, and today's the last day that I can keep any self respect while turning in my lessons), and I'm supposed to be starting on another one.

SOOOO - today's Tackle It Tuesday is to write the lessons. Putting aside all my procrastination, and just delivering a quality product.

Edited at 2:00 pm: Oh my gooooodness. I have been working on and off (mostly on!) since 8 this morning, and am only 40% done. Yowsers. Keep going, self!

Edited at 11:30 pm: That stupid template. Pain in the neck. They just sent an email saying that we can scrap it, since it ended up making it take longer than usual. I didn't get much done after the last update because of dinner, Peanut, groceries and other obligations, but I'm sitting here with the house all silent working on them. Or blogging. One of the two. Hmm. Maybe I should go back to working on them...

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