Monday, March 19

5 minutes for mom

i've decided that is a verra fun website. they're having a new contest, even though i'm still wading through the blog party posts!

i have a niece that would just go into joy-shock if she received one of these adorable dance skirts from katchy kids... oh my goodness. if i don't win this contest, i may just get her one anyway - imagining the look on her face is so much fun!

i know i've been quiet lately - we took a trip this weekend that has me in rehab today. travelling with a almost-4-month old isn't quite like hopping in the car with DH and just driving off into the sunset. it was wonderful, but i am so sleepy. and dopey. the house is absolutely trashed, but my Monday Night Crochet Group is coming over tonight. (so much fun - women, yarn, talking about babies and husbands / recent dates, etc.... )

must clean. do you think that will help work off all the kajillions of calories consumed this weekend? and today's the feast of St. Joseph (a personal favorite), which means that my Lenten sacrifices of no sweets and nothing to drink except water are out the window today. actually, that's kind of a nice way to transition back to being home. mmm. maybe i should go eat some chocolate before i clean. :)

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