Wednesday, March 14

sunshine and idol

i know i've been quiet on here the last few days. let me explain why.

sunshine. warm.

'nuff said. it's been so beautiful outside that i realized we had a particularly cold and grey winter. we have a great outdoor mall here in town that lately has been swarming with young moms and strollers... just because it's a nice place to walk around and if you get a tad bit chilly, well, ann taylor's always there to just pop in. and does old navy have new baby clothes? not that i buy old navy unless they're on sale, but it's so much fun to look. i have a rule that no new baby clothes are to be bought unless they are $4 or less. i totally broke that rule yesterday when i saw a beautiful peach silk easter dress with matching headwrap. ah well. easter only comes once a year, and we'll see LOTS of adoring fans then. gotta give your public what they want.

speaking of giving your public what they want, here's my take on last night's AI performance:

brandon (you can't hurry love) - after that performance, i bet he'll be the one to go home. he's not the one who SHOULD go home, but i bet america won't forgive him for so obviously forgetting the words. and it's got to be rough going first, because who remembers who they saw first?

melinda (home) - i wasn't that big of a fan at first, but she's definitely, definitely growing on me. i really liked simon's comment that she made a boring song fantastic. that's talent. plus i liked the dress. not the shoes - i agree that those would be torture!

chris sligh (endless love) - not so much. and the lack of glasses made his face seem rounder. put 'em back on! i love his voice, but the song bored me a little bit.

gina (love child) - i thought it was okay, i'm enjoying the fact that she's different. duplicates get sent home. rough for a rocker chick to have to sing diana ross, but she did it fairly well.

sanjaya (ain't no mountain high enough) - oh my goodness. i'm sorry, but the Androgenous One (as he's been nicknamed in our house) just doesn't have it. i read a comment last week (sorry, i forget which blog) that said that he belonged on radio disney. i can see that. at times, you could barely hear him over the band. i do have to give him credit, because the last ten seconds of the song were good, but he just looks so scared the whole time. i loved simon's "wail" comment...

haley (missing you) - maybe i zoned out, but i didn't notice when she forgot the lyrics. i have to say, that this was the first week where i actually kind of liked her. although i think half of that came at the end, when you could see that she was a real person who was beating herself up over messing up, and just really appreciated simon's kind words.

phil (i'm gonna make you love me) - i used to really like him. but i'm forgetting why. he'll go in the next couple of weeks, but i don't think it'll be this one.

lakisha (God bless the child) - i thought she was good. i didn't think she was as great as the judges said, but going by the audience's reaction, maybe the control-factor came across more in person. i like her - she just seems so down to earth. she's definitely in my top three (melinda, lakisha, jordin)

blake (you keep me hanging on) - i thought it was okay. he's by far my favorite guy in it, though... he's just different, which is so important.

stephanie (love hangover) - okay. not great. never really saw the attraction there, though.

chris (the boss) - spent too much time running around that he forgot to sing well. although i've never been a big fan. but he was out of breath half the time... not good, dawg.

jordin (if we hold on together) - she's my favorite. i think that melinda and lakisha might just be a touch better at the vocals, but there's just something about jordin that just makes me want to see her do really really well. and i thought she was fabulous. and looked great. it always makes me laugh when she stands next to ryan...