Saturday, March 24

just life

gosh, i haven't been very frequent with these posts, eh? i guess it's the springtime getting to me. spring cleaning and all that...

in two days, we went from having a brown yard with a couple crocuses popping up around a tree to having the crocuses swallowed up in the lush greenness that is our yard. to be sure, there's squishiness and puddles everywhere due to the immense amount of rain we've been receiving, but it's been inspiring me to clean.

$16.72. that's how much change i pulled out of DH's car this morning. i took it to run some errands while Peanut and DH slept in - love me some saturday mornings! but after driving around town in his car, i was overwhelmed by the clutter and dirtiness and had to at least straighten it out. i'm pretty good about keeping things straightened. clean? that's another matter.

wardrobe reconstruction. i'm sorting through my clothes, seeing what fits, what may possibly fit some day, and what my post-partum body will never squeeze into again. that last pile of clothes (embarassingly large, i may add) is now fodder for my next fun project - taking those clothes and turning them into new pieces of clothing. i'll post some pictures - i have some fun projects upcoming. the biggest challenge? making them into nursing outfits...

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