Monday, March 3

swap update

So my project for Leo for the Baby a Baby Swap has been put on hold for a bit while I do some computer freelancing and also catchup on my backlog of ring slings that needed to be made... but today in the mail I received something I found on etsy for him... I think it's great, and it's something I think that he'll really enjoy. I know when I unpacked it, Peanut got these huge eyes and was so excited... she loved it, but after a couple of minutes of her enjoying it, I rescued it so that we can send it on in pristine condition!

Peanut also decided that today was "Pants On Our Head Day." She has never expressed clothing desires before, so POOHD is a whole new story... Welcome to the realm of a toddler expressing her will! Here's a picture of her reading her favorite book... with pants on her head. And yes, her tshirt has candy canes on it. So? You gotta problem with that?

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