Sunday, February 24


So Mister is not home this evening, and I have a bunch of odds and ends to do here in the family room while Peanut sleeps...

So because I always have comments on what is going on in Hollywood and no one to listen to me, I'll just blog them instead!!

  • It's the red carpet right now - and did Steve Carrell just walk by with "Jan" from the Office? That would be odd... Nope. He's married to Nancy Walls, who just happens to look a LOT like Jan. Wonder what Nancy thinks about him acting with a lookalike?

  • Jennifer Garner looks amazing, but she does not need to have her hair hanging in her face...

  • I want to see La Vie en Rose - it's on my queue, hadn't heard of it until just recently. Now it's an Oscar winner. Cool. And again! Best Actress? That's all the more enticing...

  • Way to rock the belly bump, Cate Blanchett!

  • Casey Affleck. Didn't see the Assassination of Jesse James yet, but he was phenomenal in Gone, Baby, Gone. I mean phenomenal. All those years of my making fun of Ben Affleck's lack of acting ability - they are all made up for by his little brother's performance in Gone, Baby, Gone. I'm sorry he didn't win the Oscar.

  • Yeah! The Bourne Ultimatum just won an Oscar!! Or two! Or three! Loved that movie... that was one that Mister was willing to watch over and over...

  • Once! Once! Once! (Does that make it Thrice?) Come on, please win!! Oh my gosh, this really is my favorite CD right now. I just love Marketa's voice... He even played the insanely broken down guitar from the movie. And they both just looked like real people on stage, not glitzy in the slightest. (She was wearing a butt-bow, for goodness sake, eh Lola?)

  • First laugh of the night from Jon Stewart: "According to, the next presenter is the star of the 2010 Untitled Project of Nicole Kidman... Nicole Kidman!"

  • OH MY GOSH!!! WOOHOO! The only award that I really cared about this year was for Once, and they just got it! Oh wow. I am just absolutely blown away! Oh phew- that dress is so much better. Isn't he just adorable? "Make art, make art, tanks!"

  • I have such a little crush on James McAvoy. (Sigh!) And now that Atonement won the Best Original Score, I'm all about watching this when it comes out on DVD.

  • Helen Mirren looks beautiful tonight. She has the most amazing, age-appropriate gowns.
As always, the show went a little long. I'm tired. There were some lovely gowns, and one of my favorite songs won an award! Mister has No Country For Old Men in his queue. I'm intrigued because everyone says it is a flawlessly executed film, but I have to admit I'm a bit worried about the violence. I'll let you know what I think - it won the Best Director and Best Picture which makes me just a tad more interested in it!

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