Tuesday, February 12

Becoming Jane

My Craft Night girls and I decided that tonight's get together was going to be a movie night instead... we only do this for special occasions, and an Austen movie coming out on DVD? That's a special occasion!

We just finished Becoming Jane... and I am still in awe of how much this movie gripped me - there's so much tension in this movie... romantic tension, sexual tension, obligations, duties, passion.... holy cow. Who the heck cares if it's completely historically accurate? It sure made an amazing story!

I got it through Netflix (of course) and I'd like to send it back tomorrow so that I can get a new movie soon, but I may have to watch it again in the morning. How bad is that? But I spontaneously decided this morning to make a Valentine's / anniversary present for Mister... our anniversary is on the 18th, but I ordered a present online for him, and if it isn't here by Thursday afternoon, I'm going to have to have something else for him and I'll give him the online gift on Monday. It's nothing much, it's just a scarf, but he needs one, and I've never crocheted him anything. Weird. But I ran out of yarn right at the end of the movie tonight, so I think I might go to the store in the morning, then come home and crochet while watching it again... see, it's all for him, right?!