Monday, February 11

baby sign update

I know I keep posting on this these days, but it's really the highlight of what's going on in my world. The last time I posted about Peanut's vocabulary, it consisted of:

  • more
  • eat
  • baby
  • cat
  • all done
  • banana
  • dog
  • milk
  • light
In the five weeks since that post, she's added:
  • diaper
  • bird
  • pig (which also gets applied to cows)
  • shoes
  • cloth wipes (she made up a sign for this... but they are her favorite toys -she carries a stack of them all around the house)
  • pacifier
  • please
  • hot (which also gets applied to cold)
  • hat
And maybe some others - but that's what's coming to mind at the moment. Not bad, huh? Of course, many of these aren't signed perfectly. They're kind of the "baby talk" version of signing, where it's approximate. Others, like pig, hat and please are perfect - anyone who knows ASL would completely understand what she's saying... It does make it a lot more fun to be out and about with her. We were walking along the outside of a building in town recently, and there's a metal sculpture of a couple owls on the side of the building - and she got my attention and signed bird... she was so excited that she saw a bird!

I had a really good story about her signing, but I forgot. I'm off to go see if I can't convince her to take a nap - we have a lot to do this afternoon, and I need a shower and hopefully a little more sleep, but in order for those to happen, she needs to nap!