Monday, December 31


2008 Resolutions

1. Do at least 40 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. At least. My real goal is M-F, but we'll make the resolution 3 times a week. Since we joined the gym a couple of weeks ago, I've been pretty good and love going. This is the first time in my life I've ever looked forward to exercise. I think the built-in tv in the treadmill is a serious motivator.

2. Spend at least 10 minutes outside everyday. Walking the cart back to the corral does not count. My toddler needs to develop better habits than her inside-lovin' mama!

3. Don't complain about 2008 being dairy free. This is an opportunity to make our whole family healthier! (We have a one-year assignment by the pediatrician, we'll re-evaluate in Nov 2008).

4. Be a better friend. I have a tendency to get stuck in ruts of just staying at home / not doing things with people / not calling friends in other states... and I really want to work on that this year.

5. Have another kid. :) Not pregnant yet, so I need to work on that one if I want to squeeze one into 2008!!

6. Blog everyday during January and see if I get in a good habit... re-evaluate this one at the end of January. I've been crummy lately and the only way to know if I should even keep the blog up and running is to do it a lot and see if I enjoy it!

Okay, off to make cookies for the people that are coming over tonight. Notice how weightloss isn't on the list? #1 and #3 are really combining to have good effects, but hopefully #5 will sneak in there and make my weight go back up!