Tuesday, December 4

Last Night

Mister took Monday off of work, so we had a lovely and lazy weekend to ourselves. One reason we didn't do anything was that he was exhausted! I'd finally had it with Peanut's way-too-frequent night wakings (usually about every hour, sometimes I'd get two hours of sleep). For three nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Mister was in charge of all but two of her night wakings. He had to get her back to sleep... I'd feed her once when I went to bed and then one other time.

We think that the dairy issues were causing her to wake up, simply from an uncomfortable belly. And the change that we were able to make in those three nights and by cutting out obvious dairy (still transitioning into cutting out all of the super-hidden-in-everything dairy) was enough that last night she did great! I actually had to wake her up at 10:40 because I'd gone to bed and was laying there waiting for her to wake up, and she didn't, so I did the "pick her up and feed her before she realizes she's even awake" thing. It worked great!

The next feeding, though, was ridiculous - and halfway through it, I realized it was blog fodder.

So I go in and get her at about 1:50. A little earlier than I would have preferred for the other feeding of the night, but I tried to comfort her back to sleep and she just woke up farther. I swear she can smell the milk. So I nursed her. Just as she was right on the edge of falling back into dreamland, she pees all over. And I mean a massive amount. Heat running down my leg.... her clothes are totally soaked. She falls totally asleep, from the relief of it. As I'm sitting there in the dark, with a sopping baby on the Boppy, debating whether or not to wake her up, suddenly she wakes all the way up and is uncomfortable. No kidding!

So I go over to change her, stripping off her pants and mine on the way to the changing table. Suddenly I realize that the long sleeve t over the short sleeved onesie is going to pose a problem. Either I need to take off both shirts to get the wet onesie off (which is going to put a naked baby in the cold house in the middle of the night - that's a recipe for a very long process of falling back to sleep!) or I need to take drastic action. So I pick her back up, carry her into the office/sewing room, where I grab my pinking shears and hack off the bottom of her onesie, and carry Peanut back into her room. I've cut off the bottoms of onesies before to turn them into t-shirts as they don't always fit over cloth diapers, so this wasn't anything new, but I really did a hack job on it!!

In the process, I caught the edge of a cut I have on my finger on something, which tears it way open, and since it was a really deep cut, I suddenly have blood everywhere. Not too helpful.

So I grab a cloth wipe, trying to put pressure on my finger, and put a fresh diaper on her, put fresh pants on her, and go sit back down to see if I can't nurse her back to sleep. Keep in mind that all I am wearing at this stage is a tshirt and fleece socks. And it's COLD in the house! I put the Boppy on my lap, upside down so that the wet part isn't touching her, and then I realize that it's touching me.

I'm half-naked, bleeding profusely from my finger, with a soggy Boppy on my lap, and a happy and contented toddler on top of that. That's blogging fodder for ya!

Thankfully, after I was able to convince her back to sleep, she slept until 6:50, which is an unheard of feat! (okay, okay, she was doing that months ago, but hasn't slept for over four hours in a row in a long time!)