Wednesday, November 7

wfmw - what to get at sonic??

This may seem waaaay weird to some of you Southern Gals who have become accustomed to a Sonic on every corner... but I am thrilled about the prospect of a Sonic being built just a couple of miles from my blogging location!

I've experienced the goodness of Sonic drinks on three occasions, but I have to say that once I tried the Strawberry Limeade, I was in luv. Fizzy, sweet, tangy, fresh, with little ol' chunks of strawberry shooting up the straw periodically to remind me that this was a HEALTHY drink, yup... I'm in luv.

But I don't want to get in a comfort zone and miss out on Sonic's other goodies. So I'm turning to you, Oh Experienced Sonic Aficionados, and asking what I should order the next time I'm there?