Thursday, November 29

My latest "hobby"

Peanut's always been on the small side, which hasn't ever been a concern. But then when we went for her one year checkup yesterday, she hadn't put on an OUNCE in three months. I know that she had, but she lost it when she had a cold and wasn't interested in eating.

Still, though, that's a little disconcerting.

Add that to my "denial" over the last six months about her dairy issues. She'd developed hives around her mouth the two times that she was allowed to suck on a spoon that had some ice cream on it. Yes, there were two times. The first time, we let her suck the ice cream. Hives. Worried parents. Benadryl cream. A little relief. The next time, I was careful to lick all the ice cream off first, but she still got hives. Not as many, but still... So I haven't let her eat anything that has cheese or milk, etc., but I haven't cut it entirely out of my diet yet. I cut out ice cream, yogurt and milk, but am still eating cheese and cooking with butter.

She's not sleeping nearly as well as any of her baby-friends at this age. Poor weight gain? Restless nights? Add those up and it looks like she is affected by even the slight dairy in my diet.

It's time. We're going dairy-free for a year, I think. Still not sure if the Mister is going to join us, but we'll see. It's our new adventure. It pretty much hails the end of my laziness love of prepared food and having Mister order out when I'm tired.

I know scads of moms out there have tried this and succeeded, and they get more sleep at night which allows them to keep up with all the extra work during the day. Who knows, maybe I'll even lose those last tough postpartum pounds!

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