Tuesday, September 11

trying to get motivated

I have to confess that I'm really anti-exercise. It's worse when I haven't done it in forever. I love the way I feel when I'm done, but I just don't like the process of getting to that exhilaration. If I've been exercising regularly for a little while, it's SOOO much easier to get motivated.

Lately, though, I've just been sitting on my duff. Like right now. Peanut's sleeping, the oven is cleaning itself (what a great invention) and I could totally be downstairs exercising, in the kitchen scrubbing cabinets, working online, etc... but no. I'm reading blogs that I just read an hour ago. I'm running google searches for the perfect MS Access database (for free/cheap, of course) that will organize my recipes, hold my menu plans and print out grocery lists by store / aisle... still haven't found it yet, but I have spent many hours looking for the right one. I do this about every two weeks.

Do you have serious time wasters?

Now that I've put this out here, I'm feeling properly shamed by my laziness. Here's where I get off my tush and go do something. I think I'll stay out of the kitchen, though, as it's still a little stinky. I did just take a bath a little while ago, so I'm not going to go getting all sweaty. Maybe I'll go pick up our bedroom and then go plan meals for the rest of the week. It's amazing how much work planning meals / organizing coupons / figuring out the grocery list / shopping / putting groceries away can be!