Monday, August 13

sometimes life is fair

So I was driving back from the post office this afternoon when this car speeds by me, pulls in front of me, cutting me off, and then suddenly drops about 20 mph. Seriously. I was a little frustrated, but then a minute later, from out of nowhere come these blessed red and blue lights... I of course had the momentary panic of "what did I do wrong?" but the wonderful police officer pulled over the offending driver and made my day.

Not that I was glad to see that person get a ticket, but I was just glad that... oh wait, I have to admit, I was a little glad to see them get a ticket. Oops.

On an unrelated front, we gave Peanut a sippy cup for the first time yesterday, and have cracked up at the wobegone faces she gets when she chews on the spout and gets WATER IN HER MOUTH. She never expects it, and still gets startled every time it happens. Is it wrong that I think that's funny?

Gosh, I sound like I really enjoy other's misery. Hmm. What's wrong with me? Must be the heat.

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