Monday, August 27

Menu Plan Monday

Has it really been over a month since I've posted my menus, and two weeks since I've posted anything? Sheesh! I really have planned menus, but I plan them and forget to post. Oops. I feel more compelled to follow the menus when they're online, though, so I need to get back in the habit of putting them up.

Menu Plan for Week of August 27:
breakfast - sweet potato pancakes (stir a couple heaping spoonfulls of mashed sweet potatoes into your pancake batter. They are to DIE for - so light and fluffy and faintly sweet.)
dinner - fajitas. (Great idea, Organizing Junkie!!)

breakfast - skinny omelettes (we actually haven't had these in a while.... mmm!)
dinner - Creamy Ranch Potatoes & Chicken (thanks, Amy)

breakfast - oatmeal
dinner - paninis

breakfast - scrambled eggs
dinner - going to a baseball game - Mister is going to the Cubs game and I am going to the Brewers game. Good thing they're playing each other!

breakfast - with in-laws
dinner - with in-laws

breakfast - with in-laws
dinner - who knows? it's the weekend!!

breakfast - pancakes or biscuits and gravy - up to the Mister
dinner - sticky chicken (thanks, JudyL!)