Wednesday, July 11

woo hoo!

I have the windows open in the house right now. For the first time in WEEKS! Between Peanut and I, neither of us like to get hot and sticky, so we usually have the air running a little, and if it's really hot out, we'll live in the basement for a couple of days...

But there is sweet-smelling air blowing through the house right now - wahoo and thank you, LORD!!

Add that to our herb-infused eggs this morning, and I'm a happy woman. Yeah, I skipped the salsa eggs because we have sore throats and I opted for silky smooth herb eggs. So good. Just beat up eggs with a splash of milk (makes them softer) and finely cut up some herbs from your garden (I used sage, oregano, basil and thyme)... Scramble, and just before done, stir in a spoonful of cream cheese to add to the silkiness. Delicioso.

Okay. Now I just need to convince Peanut that she's really sleepy, so I can take a nap, too!