Friday, July 13

half baked

so the new banner is up, and the color scheme is in place, but now i get to play with the background - won't just be a solid color - and perhaps even some pretty decorations for the widgets on the right....

but thanks to heather for the colors!

life's been pretty slow here since we got home from vacation. i got pinkeye and a weird virus that's going around, then passed it off to Mister. just the virus. so far, i've managed to keep the pinkeye all to myself!! good for Peanut, who is 95% breastfed, and is receiving all the antibodies that i'm sending her - she hasn't even remotely acted sick lately. just teething. and that's bad enough! but she's so cute with her one little tooth on the bottom... although she started biting for fun today. little booger. :) i love her anyway... just need to train her out of this phase!

hope all is well with you...

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