Wednesday, June 13


so i am TOTALLY procrastinating. i have so much work to do around here, and to get ready for vacation soon. we're going to texas. when you live in central illinois, you think it's hot in the summertime. so we're going to texas for vacation just so we can realize how good we have it.

honestly, though, we're going to dallas for a wedding and san antonio for some r&r. sounds like fun to me!!

i threw my back out yesterday... don't really know how, but i'm propped up on pillows on my bed right now with the laptop warming my thighs. i know it's warm out, but the AC is just so delightful that the warmth of the laptop is appreciated. so instead of working (which i should be doing - and also involves the laptop), i'm tweaking my blog design. here's the result of 10 minutes of work. it's "aight, dawg" in the words of Randy Jackson, but it has a ways to go. wish me luck! any ideas?