Sunday, June 17

Menu Plans for a while!

Sorry I didn't post last week's menu - life's been crazy around here. We're going on vacation soon, which means that I spend the month before that like a chicken-with-my-head-cut-off getting ready for it! This will be our first extended vacation with Peanut around, so I'm new to the whole "packing for 10 days thing - is that TWENTY outfits I need?"

Menu Plan for Week of June 18:
breakfast - scrambled eggs, fruit and bacon for the Mister / raisin bran for me
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - steak fajitas

breakfast - skinny omelettes, (SOOO GOOD!) bacon and fruit
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - chicken salad with rolls

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - frozen calzones. mmm.
dinner - Chicken on a big green salad. Leftover rolls?

breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon and fruit
lunch - sandwiches / leftovers
dinner - stir fry, rice, spring rolls

breakfast - poached eggs on toast, fruit
lunch - sandwiches
dinner - maple ginger glazed salmon (i'll put this recipe up some time this week - fabulous!) over greens with grilled portabellos (i totally stole this idea from TGI Fridays - have you tried their new smaller-portion sized meals? they're GOOD!)

breakfast - pancakes, bacon, fruit
lunch - burgers on the grill, veggies and taters
dinner - ??

breakfast - quiche. my Mister loves quiche. aren't I lucky?
lunch - ??
dinner - quesadillas, veggies

Menu Plan for Week of June 25:
breakfast - scrambled eggs, fruit and bacon
lunch - sandwiches / leftovers
dinner - ?? my last night at home - so maybe we'll do something fun

breakfast - skinny omelettes, bacon and fruit
lunch - Mister will be taking Peanut and I to the airport
dinner - (Mister) chicken fried rice

breakfast - (Mister) eggs and bacon
lunch - (Mister) leftover fried rice
dinner - (Mister) brat on George

breakfast - (Mister) eggs and bacon (he knows how to make those!)
lunch - (Mister) frozen calzone
dinner - he'll be driving up to Chicago, so probably a Big Mac. I know him. :o)

From here until after the day after the Fourth, we'll be in Texas / Chicago, so no planning for me! I'm on vacaaaation!