Tuesday, April 17

tackle it tuesday

Yup. It's that time again. Today's tackle is my craft desk. I'm already halfway through it, though, so here's a pic of the way it is after a GOOD bit of cleaning.

The Hancock Fabric store in town is going out of business, so I've had a habit lately of stopping by to pick up more cloth, notions, so there's been a huge pile of bags in front of my desk. That's mostly sorted through and stored in the storage drawers / boxes under the desk. But I'm sure I can squeeze this a little tighter into that space. This is a great house, but there's just no storage, so all that I'm really working with is this computer desk and the space underneath it. (I know, I know, not enough for a craft-junkie like myself.) Now I just have to do something with all these supplies I'm storing up!

Edited: Okay. It's enough for now. You see, I had asked my husband if we could come up with a new way for him to make sure that he's read the whole newspaper. Right now, he just leaves it out on the dining room table - but if he didn't finish yesterday's, today's goes on top of it... soon there's a pile. He said he'd work on that if I kept the craft area picked up. Think it's enough?

Oh, I'm a doofus. I forgot to add it to the Mr. Linky!