Friday, April 13

a common thread...

so most blogs that i've been reading have had a common theme on them for the last couple of days:

how the HECK did it get this cold?

brrr.... we had SNOW yesterday morning and frost today. i'm sneezing, KERSPLAT, sitting in a cold house. (i really did just sneeze there. couldja tell?) i'm supposed to meet another mom in a couple hours, but i don't feel like getting us all bundled up to venture out into the cold cold outside. it wasn't a big deal a couple months ago, but this is mid-april, for goodness sakes! plus, Peanut's outgrown her bundling up clothes.

in other news, Mister has a poker night with some men from church tonight, and since he wasn't too familiar with texas holdem, we played a lot last night. then we played scrabble so i could win SOMETHING, then back to poker. i'm not too good at strategy / betting games, but i can sure play the word games!

it did get to a point in scrabble where we allowed ourselves to put up words that didn't exist, in exchange for no points. i believe scioa was the first of that category. although i believe that i'm going to name the crust that forms on the bottom of the oatmeal pan scioa. what do you think? does it bring to mind anything else?

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