Wednesday, April 4

idol talk and just idle talk

yeah, so i didn't get to see idol last night, but you can head over to boomama for a great rundown. if you're desperate to read more about it (as i confess to being), i suggest spit out the cat's review as well!

me and the Mister went on our belated first anniversary date. it was paper this year. what was i supposed to get for paper? aha! tickets! we saw the blue man group two years ago while dating, and it was pretty much the coolest thing ever, so we went back this year for our anniversary. there was no way on God's green earth that i was taking Peanut, though, since I remember the music being so loud that you felt it rather than heard it, and the strobe lights were fairly constant. so Peanut had her first babysitting experience ever. not that she was babysitting anyone, she's only four months old - sheesh!! we have a good friend in town that taught us our birth class, then served as our doula when Peanut was born. she and her family were thrilled to get to snuggle the best baby ever for a little while so the Mister and I could flirt and hold hands and generally get to act mushy without a huge belly or baby getting in the way. such fun!

the only bad thing about reading so many blogs (i really need to update my blogroll here to reflect who's in my google reader) is that there are so many amazing posts to read every morning. 56 today, and i read last night before going to bed!! but my favoritest post today was from antique mommy. go check it out. it's hysterical.

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