Monday, April 2

april fool's!

my husband was never into april fool's as a kid. while i most certainly was (we spent all of march plotting), i decided to be nice and just let him have a nice relaxing sunday without playing practical jokes on him all the time.

but george bush played a trick on us.

you see, this was supposed to be the weekend that daylight savings time switched. we have a radio-controlled clock in our bedroom - it's the one we use for our alarm. while it's nice to know that it's precise and all, it got a little confused yesterday. we'd manually adjusted the hour difference three weeks ago, but yesterday morning it adjusted it for us. that's right. i wake up with Peanut at 6 am, thinking it's really 7. oops. oh well.

then last night, Mister was setting the alarm for Monday morning when I realized that george bush might still have another one up his sleeve, so i had him set the alarm on a cell phone just in case. good thing, 'cause the clock corrected itself this morning, setting it back an hour, so when the cell phone went off at 6:30, the clock was reading 5:30....