Friday, March 2

poor baby

so my Peanut is just over three months old, and i think she's teething already. poor thing has been grabbing at her ears for a while now, but it's escalated until it's pretty annoying for her. she's been drooling like there's no tomorrow, and hasn't been as interested in eating.

while that's not the end of the world, add a slight cold on top of it and you have one snuffly baby who's pretty darn miserable. poor little thing! we were up all last night because if i laid her down, or even put her in the swing, she'd start choking on all the snot and spit. so i sat in the chair and held her all night. we're pretty sure it's not an ear infection because she has no fever and the cold came second, but i'm taking her to the doctor's today anyway. first time mom and all that!

what gets me, though, is the fact that when i woke her up to take her temperature, and i'm poking the thermometer into an area that can't be too comfortable, she just gives me the sunniest smile. she trusts me so completely that even if i cause her a little pain, she knows it will be all right. her smiles make it all worthwhile. the sun started rising this morning, after i'd had about ten minutes of sleep, but when she woke up a little and saw me, she just got so excited.
even though she was miserable.

nobody said parenting would be this nice.