Thursday, August 7

whoa... twice in one week?

Are you still sitting down? Seriously... I fall off the blogging planet, and suddenly I'm back! I have a few main sources of online contact with people, and one of them just came to an end, so I'm back to blogging. I really do enjoy it and the minute that someone comes out with the device that scans your brain waves and types up all those posts that are just in the "hey I should blog this" phase... this blog will be hopping!

Our summer has been lovely. We're now living in a beautiful home that's 5 years old and will be perfect for us for many years to come - we were looking a bit forward with this home, but we're really settling in and making it our own. I don't foresee us moving anytime soon. I've lived in - wait, let me count - this is the 13th place I've lived in the last ten years. That's different dorm rooms, apartments and houses. That isn't counting my parents house (wait, they moved during that time, so that is actually three houses for them), which saw me for a few summer vacations, Christmases, etc. So I'm really used to moving. It's actually a little foreign to think of living here for the next twenty years, but that's what we're hoping to do.

We've had lots of visits with family and friends and August is going to be hopping busy as well... I'll be gone twice for extended trips this month, which should be great!

Peanut is doing marvelously, talking up a storm and running all over keeping me busy. We're outside often, whenever it's cool enough... I'll post more on her adorableness tomorrow, okay?!