Tuesday, August 19

Vacation vs. Trip

I read an interesting article earlier this summer about the difference between a vacation and a trip once you have kids. There were a number of points, but let's just say that a vacation involves staying in B&Bs, enjoying leisurely strolls down historical districts, memorable dining experiences and returning home refreshed. A trip involves chicken nuggets, fishing the sippy cup out of the diaper bag while driving, hours spent trying to get overly tired children to nap in unfamiliar settings, and piles of laundry once you get home!

We just returned from a lovely trip... we spent a few days with Mister's family at a fabulous resort in the Middle of Nowhere, IL. There's a great state park, an indoor water park and an indoor amusement park all in one spot! So there were hours of swimming, hiking and just plain fun to be had! All of us (seven adults and four kids) were in one big cabin, which was just a blast! From there, we drove up to Wisconsin to spend a few days with my side of the family. We didn't have too many plans, just hanging out with my parents, my bro, sis-in-law and their three girls... Oh, and we had to go to Irishfest - the excuse for that trip!

Peanut and I came down with a water-park-related-illness for a couple of days, but seriously, if you're going to be incapicatated, you might as well do so at your parents house where there are more people to look out for your little one... and people to bring you hot tea at intervals!! We spent a little time at a smaller local festival on Saturday. That was low-key and incredibly picturesque... which was a nice contrast to the fabulous craziness that is any of Milwaukee's Fests... if you're in the Midwest and have never made it to Milwaukee for a fest, you are seriously missing out! There are all sorts of ethnic festivals and one giant Summerfest on weekends throughout the summer. The grounds for the Fest are right on the lakefront, so it's beautiful and cool (sometimes!) and there are thousands and thousands of people enjoying the day with you.

Now we are attempting to return to normal. Mister took yesterday off, so we just bummed around and took a deep breath... but today involved many loads of laundry and a lot of catching up! I've got a little breather, but Peanut and I are flying across the country in just over a week for yet another trip!