Tuesday, April 15

Was It Worth It?

Oh my gooooodness.

An hour of nausea and a few minutes of retching in the bathroom - just to discover that at the bottom of the last few days' garbage lay my drivers license, ATM card, and a few other treasures from my wallet. Did I tell you that for the last five or six days, we've been fighting off a stomach bug? Everyone else seems to be past it, except for the lingering nausea and heightened awareness of smells that I got stuck with (and no, not pregnant!)... and I also got stuck with the job of digging through garbage!

Peanut loves to play with my wallet. My Discover card has a picture of a chimpanzee on it, and she just thinks that is the coolest thing ever. It will entertain her for an hour if I let her take everything out of my wallet, put it back in, etc... Except yesterday, she decided to take a handful of stuff and THROW IT OUT.

So now I'm going to be collecting all those fake cards that come with credit card offers, and go get a dollar wallet from the dollar store, and let her throw those out to her heart's content!!

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