Friday, January 4

Day 3: Communication

So not only did Peanut learn how to walk last Sunday night, she's just soaking up as many Baby Signs as I can teach her.

In the last week alone, she's started using: more, eat, baby, cat, all done and a vague and thoroughly unrecognizable-to-anyone-but-me banana. Add that to her previous vocabulary of dog, milk and light, and you can see how much has happened since we came home from Christmas vacation!

It really lights up her face when she is able to communicate something to me! It's also made diaper changes easier since she grasped the concept of all done -she knows that she can't roll away until I say and sign "all done" and she knows that she can't be excused from her high chair until she signs "all done."

Today she walked into the kitchen (that's already a fabulous improvement over last week) and signed "eat." When I asked her what she wanted to eat, she signed "more." Not so helpful. She then gave her attempt at banana but laughed when I looked so confused. So she walked over to stand under the counter where the bananas were, and pointed up. OH! I gotcha! Of course you can have bananas....

Life as a mother has totally changed overnight. I am in the process of making a Shutterfly album to showcase 2007, and am amazed at exactly how tiny and fragile Peanut looked one year ago...

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