Wednesday, January 2

Day 1: Corned Beef

Yesterday was the last of twelve days off that Mister had for Christmas. The company he works for is fabulous with that - only Friday the 21st was a vacation day, the rest were given to him. But I chose to spend it with him rather than beginning my month o' blogging.

Today's reflection is extremely trivial, but to parents of small children, it might be good to know.

Both Mister and I are avid fans of corned beef. We just love it. We can eat an obscene amount of it hot, and then corned beef hash the next morning usually means that there are no leftovers. At all. We love the stuff. So we were thrilled to see that Peanut enjoys it as much as we do. It's so tender after a day in the crockpot that she loved it... Cut into small pieces, it's soft and easy to pick up. Perfect toddler food, right?

Until the diapers started hitting. Corned beef poop is the most toxic odor that has ever come out of my child. And there's been some doozies so far. I was trying to describe this smell to Mister, and my saying "it really smells like corned beef" wasn't helping, since he finds that smell appealing. But somehow the appetizing odor of corned beef gets warped into this dreadful mutant gut-twisting stench.

So my advice for the day: Corned beef is not your toddler's friend.