Tuesday, September 4

Tackle It Tuesday - it's been a while

I know it's been quite a while since I officially participated in a Tackle It Tuesday. Does anyone else out there wake up and say to themselves... "oh, it's Tuesday. What should I tackle?" or "Hmm... Wednesday. Anything work for me?" Yeah. I feel like a bloggity dork sometimes!

Today's tackle is a list. The Mister is in Florida on business and comes home TONIGHT - but super late. Like 11 if all the flights go according to plan, which they most definitively did not last night when he was flying to Florida. He was supposed to get to his destination at 11:30 pm, but it looked like it wouldn't be until about 2 am the last time I talked to him... Ick.

Oh. But. Tackles. Um. So yeah - I have a whole list that I'd like to get done today. This is a long day for me - I don't need to start thinking about dinner at 5 like I usually do - I can keep on working. Hopefully then I can actually get this list done!

  • Go to Target:
    • Need a new bin for the newspapers that have been read
    • Need a container to go on top of the bin for Peanut's kitchen toys
    • Get some double-a batteries
    • More binkies!
    • Adhesive squares
    • Mailing envelopes for stuff I want to sell online
    • nondairy creamer (we're gradually testing Mister's dairy intolerance)
  • Go to JoAnn's:
    • rotary cutter
    • rotary cutter mat
    • craft foam for making dividers for in between clothes
  • Go to Lowe's:
    • paint chips for the garage door (before we sell next summer, we have to paint over all the little rust spots on our garage door!)
  • put the final coat of spray paint on the new handles for our cabinets
  • if they dry in time, install the new handles for our cabinets
  • make dividers for in between clothes
  • organize Mister's closet
  • organize my closet
  • organize Peanut's closet
  • finish sorting clothes that I've bought that are too big for Peanut - figure out where they go
  • go through all the bills that need to be paid and get them all ready for Mister to review
  • prep the stuff I want to sell online (I have a ton of craft stuff and some clothes)
  • write thank-you to Peanut's cousins who each gave her one of their toys this weekend
  • figure out where extra spices need to go - they had a home, but they need a new one
  • clean and organize shelves in laundry room
  • do diaper laundry
  • FOLD diaper laundry
Yikes. I'm tired just contemplating! Peanut's napping now... gosh, maybe I'll just go lay down for a minute...

ETA: Sorry, I was having trouble with my deleting... it sure looked like I'd been productive, but this is much more accurate. :)