Friday, August 3


so i feel like a major dork right now. we have an extra freezer in our garage, and it has been so helpful during the last few months of pregnancy / birth / first months of craziness... i can just walk downstairs, see what's in there and then pop it in the oven for dinner.

either i left the door open last sunday night or it's just been too darn hot, because i went in there a few minutes ago and everything is soggy and squishy.

so sad. there is a ton of food in there.

notice that i said "is" and not "was?" that's right. i am in here blogging about it instead of cleaning it up. this is denial if i ever saw it.

but I am married to the best man ever, because when i just called Mister to tell him we weren't going to have frozen pizza for dinner, his first reaction was to tell me that it was okay that we just lost a ton of food... and then he asked what he should bring home for dinner. now that is a man i could love forever!

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