Monday, July 30


When Peanut was itty bitty, I used to love her gummy smile... there was just something about the simplicity and innocence of her toothlessness that I loved.

Now she's got two little razors in that mouth of hers, and I think I love it all the more... but at the same time, I'm nostalgic for the gums. Isn't that ridiculous? She's only 8 months old, but here I am mourning the loss of the baby that was. Testosterhome has a good post about that today... and when I was flipping channels while folding laundry earlier, I saw a mom on "How Do I Look?" crying about her empty nest, and it made me get all weepy about when Peanut will leave to go off to college... Which is a long, long ways away.

Gosh. You'd think I was pregnant with all these hormones! I'm definitely not, they're just still settling down after having her...

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