Friday, July 27


so I know that your 100th post is traditionally a list of 100 things about you... but you'll have to wait a little while for that, dear and patient reader(s). I'll save that for some day next week when I don't know what to blog about.

Today, though, I have a fabulous topic and I need your help! My Mister and I love movies. We just really have fun watching them and discussing them. In fact, he had a 92 inch projector / screen setup before I met him, and he's constantly tweaking his speaker setup. I have to say, 92 inches is great... but it spoils you for anything else!

We haven't watched a movie in well over a week - which is unusual for us. Heck, we haven't even watched TV! (Not that we usually do - but sometimes we'll flip for a few minutes.) I think half the fun of it is just cuddling on the couch with Peanut in between us...

We're a Netflixin' family, since we don't make it to the theater too often anymore with Peanut nursing and all. One of the movies we currently have from Netflix is Roll Bounce... which looks like fun.

My conundrum of the moment is this... I'd like to make a "Roll Bounce" themed supper. Here's some of my ideas, but if you have more, I'd love to hear them!! Please help make our Date Night just that much cooler...

Meatballs ('cause they roll)
Rotini pasta ('cause they look like springs and springs bounce)
Garlic bubble bread (because they look like little rolls)
Jello for dessert (because it bounces!)