Monday, July 23

Dog Days Giveaway

Hello all, and welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere called life as a mama...

If you stay for more than a few minutes, it might become obvious that I looove to read. I think most bloggers probably do, since we're all about words - our own, others, etc.

My giveaway for this is a box of books. All sorts of books. Some Christian fiction, some just regular fiction - but all sorts of things to tempt your reading palate. It so far includes six seven nine fourteen books, but that number will only grow!

Because books are so heavy, I'm afraid that this contest will only be open to citizens of the good ol' US of A, but I welcome all internationals to just leave me a comment anyway!

Have a great one, and I'll be stopping by your blog sometime this week! In case you're completely confused, click on the cute little puppy to take you to a whole lot of goodness....

Edited To Add: Seems like a lot of people have decided to make books their prize. If I win a book at another contest, it will be up to my winner if they want to receive their prize right away, or if they'd rather wait for the book I won to get here, and then have it included in their package... And of course, all of Shannon's guidelines are to be followed here...

EDITED AGAIN: Comments will close Friday morning at 8:00 Central Time. The drawing will be that morning - it'll take me a while to sort through all of these comments and get that done... I'll let you know by about 10:00 am.

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