Wednesday, May 30


So we had Popcorn Chicken for dinner last night. BRILLIANT. I had never thought about doing chicken that way. It's straight-forward, you just cut the chicken into tiny pieces. I don't know who liked it better, Mister or I. Lucky him got to take the extras in his lunch today.

I have foccacia going in the bread machine now for tonight's paninis. I'm drooling over the thought of them. Carmelized onions, roast beef, dipping sauce, olive-oil-brushed-foccacia... We're eating well at our house tonight!

Yesterday was a day of contrasts. One dear friend called me from the hospital to tell me she was going to have her baby... and another friend was sobbing in my arms because she and her husband have been trying to have a baby for years without any luck. It's so hard to see people struggle with infertility when you know that there are millions of unwanted babies aborted each year. It doesn't quite seem fair, that the people who would just adore children don't necessarily get them... Then there's us. We got pregnant on our honeymoon without even trying to. (And we were proud to be virgins on our wedding night... so that just shows you how easily we conceived.) I can't imagine the heartache that must come along with infertility...

Lots of prayer intentions out there. But right now I'm waiting for news of Baby Shrimpy. He actually does have a name, but that was his in-utero-nickname... I crocheted him a stuffed shrimp that has a place of honor in his crib... he'll never live down the Shrimpy-ness. :o)